Canyoning Slovenia

Canyoning Slovenia, canyoning Bovec Slovenia

04/06/2019Splošno Standard

If you have not heard for Soča valley yet you are missing out on amazing adventures, trips, local food, people and the list goes on and on. Soča valley, also known as Posočje is located in the north-west of Slovenia and it is named after Soča river. It’s beautiful blue-green colour is the reason why some people call it the most beautiful river in the whole Europe.

However, the valley is not only known for its beauty but also for sports, especially during the summer. Summer water sports are an extremely popular activity during the season and you can find sports agency offering various number of trips on every corner. One of the most popular sports is canyoning in Slovenia.

Canyoning in Bovec, Slovenia offers much more than canyoning anywhere else mainly because of its numeral little waterfalls and lagoons. From the moment you start your trip with the agency you are surrounded by mountains, green forests and crystal-clear water. Canyoning Bovec, Slovenia is one of the most sought-after activity in the valley and with more than 40 agencies you will definitely find the one that suits you the best. If your main concern is that you lack experience in adrenaline sports, like canyoning, Slovenia is the perfect choice for you to try that because different routes have different levels of difficulty. You can start with an easy one and then gradually move on to the more demanding ones.

If you want your summer to be different and filled with new experiences and adventures then canyoning, Bovec, Slovenia are the three things you absolutely must have on your to-do list. Out of all the summer activities, the one that gives you the most adrenaline is definitely canyoning. Slovenia is definitely a country worth visiting and it will not leave you disappointed.