Rafting, Hydrospeed and the Gear you will Need

Rafting, Hydrospeed and the Gear you will Need

Rafting na Soči (rafting on Soca) and hydrospeed Bovec are two of the most widely performed sports on one of Slovenia’s coldest rivers – the gorgeous turquoise river Soca. While you should definitely try both if you have the chance, be sure you are being safe before you choose to attempt either of them. Particularly, make sure you have all the necessary gear as this is the first step towards safe entertainment without risk.

Rafting na Soči

Rafting na Soči is a type of recreation that includes high doses of adrenaline, so safety can sometimes be an issue. A proper helmet is an indispensable accessory that should be kept on throughout the whole process. The same goes for a quality life jacket, which is equally as important and should not be taken off during any moment of the trip. If you assume you have enough experience to skip the use of a helmet and a life jacket, think again. An accident can happen to anyone, a professional or an amateur, so safety gear is always compulsory.

Hydrospeed Bovec

Hydrospeed Bovec is a different sport, so you will need different equipment. A type of helmet will still be necessary as impact with object in the water is even more likely with the hydrospeed. You should also never attempt the hydrospeed without a life jacket. This is extremely important as you will be in the water all throughout, which means more opportunities for going under it. The contact with water also demands a thick neoprene suit to protect you from hypothermia. You should not forget about the shoes as your feet will be exposed to the water as well. Make sure you follow these tips, because without that your experience might not be the most enjoyable.